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Bathing Fee

Pricing Adult Child
Time allowed
Weekday 1,800 yen 900 yen 300 yen Up to 7 hours
(Towel & linens included)
Weekend and Holidays 2,100 yen
Note: We do not allow children who are not old enough to attend elementary school to enter the baths for safety reasons.

●An extension fee of 200 yen will be applied for each hour after the first 7 hours.
●A late night fee of 1,300 yen will apply for those staying or entering the hot spring from midnight to 5:00AM.
●Pricing changes as the days change. (Ex. Time after midnight on Friday will be treated as Saturday.)

※Due to cleaning and other servicing, the baths and facilities may not be available for use during certain times.
※Entrance fee includes fees for renting a bathing set and using facilities.
※We do not allow unaccompanied children to enter the hot springs alone.
※Please do not bring food into the hot springs or take pictures or video of the interior.
※We do not allow those who have tattoos, no matter their size, or those who are drunk to enter the hot springs.
※Those under the age of 18 cannot use the facilities after 11:00PM. (Those who are accompanied by an adult may use the facilities.)

Thailand-style Healing Salon

Trial Course (40 min.) 4,095 yen
Quick Course (60 min.) 6,090 yen
Standard Course (90 min.) 8,925 yen
Relaxation Course (120 min.) 11,550 yen


20 min. Course 2,520 yen
30 min. Course 3,780 yen
45 min. Course 5,250 yen
60 min. Course 6,900 yen
Hand Massage (20 min.) 2,520 yen
Scalp Massage (20 min.) 2,520 yen

Indian-style Head Massage

Pandora 25 min. Course 3,300 yen
Ladies 45 min. Course 5,500 yen

Shiatsu Massage

30 min. Course 3,150 yen
40 min. Course 3,990 yen
60 min. Course 5,775 yen
90 min. Course 8,925 yen
Fee to designate staff 210 yen

Bali-style Aesthetic Salon

Facial Oil Treatment (30 min.) 4,200 yen
Whitening Course (50 min.) 5,565 yen
Super Lift Course (60 min.) 7,350 yen
Head Spa Head Spa (20 min.) 3,675 yen
Premium Head Spa (40 min.) 6,300 yen
Body Oil Chiropractic Treatment (40 min.) 5,250 yen
Oil Chiropractic Treatment (60 min.) 7,875 yen
Total Body Course (60 min.) 7,875 yen
Detox & Slim (70 min.) 9,450 yen
Facial & Body Candi Special (120 min.) 15,750 yen
Bali Holiday (Full Course) (140 min.) 19,900 yen
Optional Menu Ear Cleaning (10 min.) 1,050 yen
Ear Cleaning and Relaxation Course (30 min.) 3,150 yen

Bali-style Chiropractic Treatment

Partial Course (20 min.) 2,100 yen
Basic Course (40 min.) 4,200 yen
Long Course (60 min.) 5,670 yen

Body Cleansing (Scrubbing)

Course A (25 min.) 3,465 yen
Course B (50 min.) 6,090 yen
Course C (30 min.)*Courses C and D do not include a scrubbing. 3,990 yen
Course D (20 min.)*Courses C and D do not include a scrubbing. 3,465 yen
Course S (80 min.) 9,765 yen

Oriental Chiropractic Therapy

Small Adjustment (30 min.) 3,150 yen
Quick (40 min.) 4,200 yen
Standard (60 min.) 6,300 yen
Pelvic Adjustment (40 min.) 5,250 yen
Pelvic Adjustment + Chiropractic Course (70 min.) 7,880 yen

Bedrock Relaxation

30 min. Course 3,900 yen
45 min. Course 6,000 yen
60 min. Course 7,500 yen
70 min. Course 8,800 yen