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早朝・深夜バス付プランご予約はこちら    Flight&Welcome Course For your reservation at the bus with plan from here.    Free Wifi   

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Haneda Airport early morning Flight Course temporary 2:40 departure added beginning 12/20! Now accepting reservations!
Now offering additional Haneda Airport early morning late-night shuttle bus service!! Details here ->
Approximately 15 minutes from Haneda! For customers using late-night and early morning arrivals and departures. Relax in a hot spring. Comfortable flight plan.
We have begun offering additional late-night and early morning flight shuttle bus service at the request of our customers.
Reservations can be made from the top of the website.
[Welcome Course] for customers using Haneda Airport late-night arrivals
≪Time Schedule≫
WELCOME 23:40 Departs 23:40->Arrives 0:00
WELCOME 0:40 Departs late-night 0:40->Arrives 1:00
WELCOME 1:50 Departs late-night 1:50->Arrives 2:10
WELCOME 5:40 Departs late-night 5:40->Arrives 6:00
Web reservations 3,500 yen (including amenities) at least 12 hours in advance.
Customers can stay at the facility until 14:00 after pickup at Haneda Airport and arrival at the facility. Breakfast included.
Flight Course can also be used on the same day (Free/Requires reservation)

[Flight Course] for customers using Haneda Airport early morning departures
≪Time Schedule≫
FLIGHT 22:00 Departs 22:00->Arrives 22:20
FLIGHT 23:00 Departs 23:00->Arrives 23:20
FLIGHT 2:40 Departs early morning 2:40->Arrives 3:00 (temporary service)
FLIGHT 4:00 Departs early morning 4:00->Arrives 4:20
FLIGHT 4:50 Departs early morning 4:50->Arrives 5:10-> 5:20-> 5:30
FLIGHT 6:00 Departs early morning 6:00->Arrives 6:20-> 6:30-> 6:40
FLIGHT 7:10 Departs early morning 7:10->Arrives 7:30-> 7:40-> 7:50
Web reservations 3,500 yen (including amenities) at least 12 hours in advance.
Baggage can be shipped by post in advance.
Stay from 18:00 until departure time.
Click "Flight&Welcome Course [For your reservation at the bus with plan from here.]" above for reservations and details.

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The guidance for the Closed (scheduled blackout)
we will close for maintenance from October 14 (Wed) 22: 00 until October 15(Thursday) 10:00.
Normal will open from October 15 (Thursday) 10:00. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I ask for your understanding and cooperation.

View Spa Open December 13, 2013

Commencing operation of a free early morning bus service to Haneda Airport.
At least 15 minutes to the Haneda Airport International Terminal
※Each bus seats 19 people, and is filled on a first come first served basis.
※Please reserve your seat at reception on admission, or during your stay. Reservations cannot be made by telephone.
※Subject to delays due to traffic conditions.
※Stopping positions at the airport cannot be requested.

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