Sauna Löyly

Here you can experience Löyly sauna, where you can have a good soak in steam. Steam bathing promotes perspiring.
Löyly (a steam sauna) is available at 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm, and 7:00 pm every day.

[What is Löyly?]
Löyly is a sauna of Finnish-origin. Water infused with natural aromas is thrown over the heated sauna oven, and the high-temperature heat and aromatic steam surround you, promoting perspiration. The heated air contains plenty of negative ions which will boost your metabolism and help with the elimination of waste products.

Hot Stone Spas

Mixed-Bathing Area "Komorebi"

Experience our two-layer hot stone spa, rarely found in Tokyo!

[Embedded natural stones] Basalt, petrified wood stone, lava, granite porphyry, medicinal gemstone, ocher stone, black germanium
*Magazines and comic books can be brought into the spa.

Women-only Hot Stone Spa Area "Hana"

Relax fully in the women-only hot stone spa area.

[Embedded natural stones] Basalt, granite porphyry, medicinal gemstone, black germanium
*Magazines and comic books can be brought into the spa.

Relaxation Areas

Hot Stone Spa Lounge

Lounge exclusively for Hot Stone Spa users.
A complimentary hot drink is served to Hot Stone Spa guests.

Hot Stone Spa Lounge for Women

Relax in this women-only lounge.