Pamper yourself with a variety of healing programmes.

Treatment Options

Shiatsu Massage

All of our experienced and skilled shiatsu practitioners are nationally qualified graduates of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare-accredited vocational schools. They will carefully apply comfortable pressure to relieve muscular tension, promote blood circulation, and ease fatigue.

Acupuncture & Moxibustion at Spa Salon Laugh

This treatment is recommended for those who suffer from chronic symptoms of neck pain, stiff shoulders, lower back pain, eye strain, insomnia, skin problems, constipation, fatigue, stress-induced autonomic nerve disorders, body and face swelling, neck pain or discomfort from computer use, and so on.

Spa Salon Laugh

Nationally-qualified female practitioners offer luxurious oil treatments.

Traditional Thai Foot Massage at Aura

Traditional Thai Massage is bodywork performed on ten energy lines (called "sen" in Thai). Practitioners will slowly manipulate and stretch your body in time with your breathing to help you relax from head to toe.

Pelvic Stretching and Care at Aura

Practitioners will release muscle tension from head to toe and give intensive stretch therapy to muscles around the pelvis.

Seitai Bodywork and Stretch at Aura

This bodywork will release tension from your entire body and ease stiffness. Recommended for those who suffer from stiff shoulders, swelling and lack of sleep.

Body Scrubs Treatment at Aura

This body scrubbing treatment provides exfoliation, removing old skin cells that cannot be removed by daily bathing. Body scrubs after soaking in the baths also stimulate circulation and skin cell turnover, making your skin smoother from head to toe.