Don’t miss a soak in hot spring baths if you are in Japan!

Read through and understand the Japanese bathing etiquette before you step into a hot spring bath. Make the most of the hot springs, an integral part of Japanese culture!

STEP 1 Pre-check before you soak in the bath.

If you are heavily tattooed, in principle, you are refused entry to a hot spring bath. However, you are allowed to enter if you can hide your tattoo with special covering sheets (up to 4 sheets). Covering sheets are available for purchase here.

This is intended to exclude Japanese gangsters known as yakuza, who are closely associated with tattoos historically, in the Japanese culture. Many Japanese people, especially the elderly, have a strong, anti-yakuza sentiment, and your fellow bathers might feel intimidated by a full back tattoo.

STEP 2 Prepare for bathing in the changing room.

Underwear or swimsuits are not allowed in a hot spring bath.

As an etiquette, you shall not soak in a bath with your clothes on, and towels are also not allowed inside the actual bath in order to keep the water clean. Take off all of your clothes and put them in a locker.

Tie your hair up.

Be sure to tie your hair up for long or medium length hair, to prevent it from touching the water when bathing. This will help keep the cleanliness of the water.

You may only bring a towel into the bathing area.

Eating and drinking are not allowed in the bath room. Shampoo and soap are provided inside.

STEP 3 Things to do before getting in the bath

Make sure to scrub down with soap and tap water before entering the bath.

Scrubbing down your body in the washing area before a soak, will help allow everyone to enjoy bathing in clean thermal water.

Rinse yourself thoroughly.

Make sure to rinse the soap off well, after washing your body.

Do not leave your towel in the washing area.

Take your towel with you to the bathtub after rinsing off so that others may use the washing area. You may leave the towel close to the bath.

STEP 3 Things to do before getting in the bath

Wade in the water slowly and quietly.

Do not jump into the water or splash fellow bathers.

Keep your towel out of the water.

Never let your towel touch the water. Leave your towel on your head or on the rim of the bathtub.

Do not wash your body or hair in the bathtub.

Wash your body and hair in the washing area away from the water to keep the thermal water as clean as possible.

Do not wash your laundry in the washing area.

Bathrooms are for relaxing of your body and mind, not for laundry.

STEP 5 Enjoy the sauna and hot stone spa, too!

Do not sleep in the sauna or hot stone spa.

Sleeping in the sauna and hot stone spa at a high temperature may cause dehydration and serious health problems.

STEP 6 When coming out to the dressing area.

Wipe yourself off before getting out of the bathing area.

Wiping yourself off with the towel you brought in to the bathing area, will prevent the dressing room from getting soaked.

Keep good manners, and you too, will be a hot spring bath expert!

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