Admission Fee

The general fee covers the cost of a towel, the rental fee of our original spa wear, and access to the spa for seven hours. The fee (including tax) varies for adults, children, and infants. Please refer to the tables below.

Full Relaxation Plan

7 hours

Adults Weekdays 2,000JPY
Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays 2,300JPY
Children*1 Every day 1,000JPY
Infants*2 Every day 300JPY
Note The general fee includes the cost of a towel and the rental fee for our original spa wear.
  1. *1. From 3 years old to elementary school-age
  2. *2. Under 3 years old

[Weekdays Only] Quick Bath Plan

1 hour

Adults Weekdays 1,280JPY
Note Including the cost of a towel

Discount Ticket Packs

20,000 JPY / 11 tickets

Hot Stone Spa Fee

Adults All day 500JPY
Note Included in the Hot Stone Spa fee are a special oversized towel and the rental charge for our original hot stone spa wear. A complimentary hot drink is also available.

Additional Fees

Extension Fee Per hour 200JPY
Midnight Fee*1 Adults / Children 1,500JPY
Note The extension and midnight fees do not apply to children under three years old.
  1. *1 . 12 midnight–5 am

Premium Lounge (reserved seats)

Available from 8 pm until 6 pm the following day

500 JPY (3 hours), or a flat fee of 1,500 JPY for a maximum of 14 hours after 8 pm, until 10 am.
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Video-on-demand
  • Electrical outlet-equipped seat
  • Lounge exclusively for women (secured by 24h monitoring)
Note Admission fee is charged separately.

Grand Package for Seniors 70+

7 hours

Adults Every day 1,400JPY
Note The fee includes the cost of a towel and the rental fee for our original spa wear.
You are eligible for this package starting from the first day of your 70th birthday month. Please show your ID to prove your age at the front desk.

Late Night Stay Package

8 pm – 10 am

Adults Sunday through Thursday 3,900JPY
Friday, Saturday and the day immediately preceding a national holiday 4,200JPY
Note Includes a complimentary breakfast, the cost of a towel and the rental fee for our original spa wear.
Breakfast is served from 7:00 am until 8:30 am.
Early check-in is accepted two hours prior to the starting time, and an hourly fee of 200 JPY is charged.

Listed prices include tax.

Please note:
  • Please note that the following people are not allowed entry to this facility. If there is a violation of this rule, we will request immediate departure, without refunding the admission fee.
    • Guests with tattoos (including paint tattoos and stickers)
    • Members of unlawful groups
    • Guests with infectious skin conditions or other contagious diseases
    • Those who are heavily drunk or likely to disturb the other guests
  • If you spend more than 24 hours here, we will request an additional payment of the general admission fee.
  • Daily prices start at midnight. (i.e. After midnight on Friday or the day immediately proceeding a national holiday, the fee for Saturday, Sunday and a national holiday will apply.)
  • Please note that part(s) of the facility may occasionally be closed due to maintenance or other reasons.
  • No one under the age of 18 is permitted without parental supervision after 10 pm.
  • Infants under three years old are not allowed in bathtubs. Please use the baby baths in the Viewing Spa.
  • Children who are over 10 years old and/or taller than 120 cm, are not allowed in the bathrooms of the opposite sex.
  • Children unaccompanied by adults are not allowed to enter the facility.
  • Anyone wearing a diaper is not allowed in the baths.
  • Guests are not allowed to enter the facility with food, drinks, or pets. We request that you refrain from taking photos or videos with your camera or camera phone.
  • Smoking is allowed only in the designated area.
  • Please be aware that we do not accept responsibility for accidents, injuries, and lost or stolen items on the premises.
  • In certain areas, visitors may not use electronic devices including smartphones, take photographs, or make video recordings. Please ask our staff for details.

To guests with tattoos (including temporary ones)

At Natural Hot Springs Heiwajima, it is our policy to refuse entry to anyone with a tattoo (including temporary ones). However, tattoos are allowed in the baths if they can be concealed by special cover-up sheets (up to four), which are available for purchase on-site.

*If you refuse to use cover-up sheets, you will be requested to leave immediately.
Cover-up Sheets

10 cm x 15 cm / 200 JPY/sheet (up to four)

Price List

Pamper yourself with a variety of healing programmes.

Shiatsu Massage

30 minutes
3,240 JPY
40 minutes
4,104 JPY
60 minutes
5,940 JPY
90 minutes
9,180 JPY
Appointment Fee
216 JPY

Acupuncture & Moxibustion "Laugh"

Eye strain/intensive care for neck and shoulder pain (30 minutes)
4,500 JPY
Acupuncture & moxibustion counselling, plus body care (60 minutes)
7,500 JPY
Trial beauty acupuncture (40 minutes)
5,500 JPY
Beauty acupuncture and full body maintenance (60 minutes)
9,500 JPY

Traditional Thai Massage & Treatment

Short (40 minutes)
4,210 JPY
Standard (60 minutes)
6,260 JPY
Relaxation (90 minutes)
9,180 JPY
Special (120 minutes)
11,880 JPY

Taiwanese Beauty Treatment

Taiwanese Hot Towel and Oil Treatment
40 minutes (teaser)
4,600 JPY
60 minutes (standard)
7,500 JPY
90 minutes (full)
11,000 JPY
120 minutes (luxurious full set from top to toes)
14,000 JPY
Taiwanese Reflexology Combined with Oil
20 minutes
2,590 JPY
40 minutes
4,750 JPY
60 minutes
6,910 JPY
Taiwanese Head Massage
20 minutes
2,590 JPY
40 minutes
4,750 JPY
Double your relaxation by combining a full body massage with a foot massage!
Set Course A (60-minute hot towel and oil treatment plus 40 minutes of reflexology)
12,000 JPY
Set Course B (60-minute hot towel and oil treatment plus 60 minutes of reflexology)
14,000 JPY
Set Course C (90-minute hot towel and oil treatment plus 60 minutes of reflexology)
17,000 JPY

Total Beauty Salon Kirei

Asian Oil Treatment (first time discount)
60 minutes
8,000 JPY → 5,980 JPY
75 minutes
9,000 JPY → 6,980 JPY
90 minutes
10,000 JPY → 7,980 JPY
Chiropractic Beauty Care (oil treatment option/first time discount)
Hip Slimming Massage 30 minutes
2,000 JPY
Face Slimming Massage 30 minutes
2,000 JPY
Leg Slimming Massage 30 minutes
2,000 JPY
Belly Slimming Massage 30 minutes
2,000 JPY
Back Straightening Treatment 30 minutes
2,000 JPY
Abdominal Massage 30 minutes
2,000 JPY
Fat Reduction Treatment (introductory price for first-timers)
Upper Arms 40 minutes
15,400 JPY → 6,980 JPY
Belly 50 minutes
16,500 JPY → 7,980 JPY
Thighs 70 minutes
23,100 JPY → 9,800 JPY
BOTOX facial (Look five years younger!)
60 minutes
12,800 JPY → 7,980 JPY
Thermal Fractional Skin Rejuvenation (first time discount)
60 minutes
20,000 JPY → 9,800 JPY

Body Cleansing (body scrubs)

A (25 minutes)
3,560 JPY
B (50 minutes)
6,260 JPY
C (60 minutes)
7,340 JPY
D (30 minutes) *Without body scrub
4,100 JPY
S (80 minutes)
10,040 JPY
KS (40 minutes)
5,040 JPY
Shampoo or heel scrub
1,080 JPY

Oriental Seitai Bodywork

Mini (30 minutes)
3,240 JPY
Quick (40 minutes)
4,320 JPY
Standard (60 minutes)
6,480 JPY
Pelvis Balancing (40 minutes)
5,400 JPY

Listed prices include tax.

Join Our Reward Points Program!

You will receive 1 point for every 100 JPY (including tax) spent.

Keep earning and redeem your points to receive free items, including a free ticket for admission to Natural Hot Springs Heiwajima, as well as a free night's stay at Izu Nagaoka Hot Springs Keikyu Hotel (for two!). A birthday card with special offers such as admission discounts will be sent to you during your birthday month, too.

  • Get 1 point for every 100 JPY (including consumption tax) that enters our payment system.
  • Money spent on things not included in our payment system, for example coin-operated massage chairs and vending machines, is not eligible for points.
  • Points expire 6 months after they are earned.

[Free Stuff!] Contents are subject to change without prior notice.

Free drink ticket or Free 1-hour extension ticket
Free 3-hour stay at Premium Lounge or Free Admission to Hot Stone Spa
900 JPY discount on admission (for users of the Full Relaxation Plan and Late Night Stay Package only)
A set of free admission tickets: general and hot stone spa (can be used all day)
Two free admission tickets or a Free Late Night Stay, or a 4,000 JPY voucher for treatment & massage services
Hot Stone Spa Admission Ticket Pack
Discount Ticket Pack
A free night at Izu Nagaoka Hot Springs Keikyu Hotel (for two!)
Three Discount Ticket Packs