Here at Heiwajima Natural Hot Springs, we provide extensive relaxation spaces after your bath, and free activities where anyone is welcome.

Total Relaxation Spaces


Relaxation Room

Relax in a TV-equipped recliner after the bath, and enjoy free movies shown daily. There is also a room with tatami mat flooring and another space exclusively for women.

Premium Lounge

Premium Lounge is an upgraded version of Relaxation Room. Enjoy a relaxing, luxurious time in one of the top-tier lounges hot spa facilities in Japan have to offer.

Restaurant Yurari

Enjoy a variety of dishes, Japanese, Western and Chinese, in a relaxing atmosphere. All dishes are lovingly prepared with ingredients carefully selected by our chef.

Vending Machines

Feel thirsty after the bath? Just place your wristband in front of the reader, and get a drink.

Reading Space

Browse our collection of over 3,000 comic books. Sit back in a comfortable chair and enjoy reading.

Free Activities Menu



Release physical and mental tension, and discover emotional stability and relaxation through deep breathing, various poses, and meditation. This yoga lesson is scheduled to be held from 2 pm–2:40 pm every Friday.



By strengthening the body's core, pilates exercises aim for perfect posture, addressing structural imbalances of the pelvis, and boosting metabolism. This pilates lesson is scheduled to take place from 2 pm–2:40 pm every Wednesday.


Aromatherapy & Stretch

This popular stretching exercise combined with aromatherapy is scheduled to be held from 2 pm–2:40 pm every Monday and Thursday.