With 150 tons of hot spring waters bubbling up from 2,000 meters below ground, Heiwajima Hot Springs is one of the largest natural hot spring facilities in Tokyo. This hot spring water will leave you feeling dewy and smooth, because the sodium-chloride concentrated saline spring water forms a thin layer over the skin, preventing evaporation and keeping your skin moist.

Viewing Spa

In our spacious Viewing Spa, relax by soaking in both the natural hot spring bath and the highly-carbonated bath while enjoying programmes on a big-screen TV! Or, to fully unwind, try sitting in our Japanese-style hot stone spa.

Highly-carbonated Bath

Soak in highly carbonated hot water. Carbonated water helps open small blood vessels and promotes good blood flow, improving metabolism. It is also considered to have skin-beautifying effects, and to promote skin elasticity and clarity, while restoring moisture.

Stone Sauna: Hot Stone Spa

Enjoy sitting in the Japanese-style hot stone spa. Feel the different effects of a variety of stones, while totally unwinding in a relaxing atmosphere.

Large Natural Hot Spring Baths

In addition to the main natural hot spring bath, we have a variety of baths varying from Jacuzzi-style to reclining. Sweating in these baths helps you wind down, and has health benefits. Enjoy the relaxing, resort-like atmosphere without leaving the city.

Hydro-jet Whirlpool Bath(圧注浴)

Heat and high pressure increase blood circulation.

Pre-Bath Rinse(かぶり湯)

Before soaking in the bath, pour warm water over yourself. This helps to both open blood vessels, and prevent a sudden rise in blood pressure.

Whole-body / Part-body Bathing(全身・部分浴)

Whole-body bathing promotes sweating and improves metabolism levels. Part-body bathing is recommended to those with arteriosclerosis or high blood pressure.

Reclining Bath(寝湯)

Soaking in a reclining bath is both calming and considered effective for insomnia. Recommended to those with arteriosclerosis or high blood pressure.

Togoal Bath(トゴール浴)

This artificially mineralized hot spa bath is considered beneficial for lower back pain, joint pain, stiff shoulders, constipation, sensitivity to cold, and other conditions.

Big-Screen TV-Equipped Löyly Sauna(大型テレビ付ロウリュウサウナ)

Sauna bathing eases nerve and muscle fatigue, and sweating helps release waste matter.

Jacuzzi-style Bath(気泡浴)

When the bubbles disappear, negative ions are produced, which are considered beneficial for easing stress and enhancing beauty.